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Call, Email, or text with any questions you may have.  Let's work together to help your loved one with their academic success.  Whether they are attending a public or private school, in college, or transitioning to adult care and/or Day Habilitation.  Allow me to assist you and your family.

I offer in-person & remote consultation services. 30 minute free consult, to assist with any questions you may have .

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Basic Consult

A Road to Understanding

This service can be preformed in person or remotely. I will read through your child's FIE- consisting of testing results, IEP recommendations, and any other accompanying documents. Then I will review it will you. I understand that the diagnosis and ARD process can be intimidating. I will help simplify it for you.
My goal is for you to fully understand all documents pertaining to your child.

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ARD Preparation

Expert Guidance

An in-depth preparation for you as the guardian to prepare you for your child's ARD meeting. I will help you draft a list of questions regarding goals, schedule of services, related services, and other outside entities that made need to be involved.
We will also go over possible scenarios and outcomes.
My goal is for you to feel confident and prepared when walking into your child's ARD.

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Your Voice

I will represent you in the ARD meeting as an advocate for your child. I will be there to answer your questions and speak on your behalf. My job as your liaison is to ensure the best for your child in their educational setting.
My goal is a positive outcome and experience for your family.

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Full Individual Evaluation

Private Evaluation you can take to your child's District or College.

I offer a full evaluation for your child to assess for a disability or to rule out any deficits.  I will complete cognitive and academic testing.  I work with a speech therapists who will complete the language and communication needs and a Psychologist who will complete the evaluation for Autism, Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder.

 Summer Camps

Email me for a list of Summer Camps

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Jess Mihalcik, MBA



 Office:  (830) 896 -8500 | TLC Fax:  (830) 896-3666
P.O. Box 290247 | 4100 San Antonio Hwy. | Kerrville, TX  78029

Connect with Family to Family

Need some help getting on Waivers?

Mary Jane Williams with Family to Family is a huge asset to reach out too.  She can help you connect with outside community and outside assistance.

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Blume Advocacy & Consulting LLC.

Professional Consultant

Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, I’ll provide you with sound advice and professional guidance every step of the way. Take a look at my site and see all that I can do for you today.

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