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Transition Consultants

Get your Teens Secondary Planning Started Today!

Stacey Cortez, Felicia Caraway and Linda Sowda are three professionals who have experience and a wealth of knowledge on Transition.  They all are in high demand for their evaluations.  Each one will sit down with you and your teen, conduct a Person Centered Planning meeting or Complete a Full Functional Vocational Assessment. These assessments are a vital part to planning your teens secondary placement.  18+ programs are all based on need, and while the school will conduct their own assessment, these three experts will go more in-depth with exactly what you need for a complete plan.  A plan that will lead to a successful post secondary career.   You can email them directly to set up a consult or you can message or call Blume Advocacy to set up the consult.  Pricing varies.

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Transition Consultants : Welcome
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