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Testimonials from My Clients


Thank you Suzanne for all your help.  It was amazing watching Suzanne Control the room. She was assertive, direct yet kind and empathetic.  She understood what we were seeking and kept our son in mind throughout our ARD meeting . 

R. A. 

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About Me

Suzanne Blume MEd, Diag

I am a certified special education teacher with over 17 years experience. My passion for Special Needs families is rooted in my love for my own sister who is an adult with special needs. I use my experience as a teacher and Diagnostician in the public school system along with my passion for helping families to find the best environment for your loved ones to be safe and successful.

BS Special Education SHSU

MEd Autism & Emotional Disorders & Adult Education TSU

Diagnosticians License SHSU

COPAA Member



I offer in person and remote consultation services.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution
Conference Room

Basic Consult

A Road to Understanding

This service can be preformed in person or remotely. I will read through your child's FIE- consisting of testing results, IEP recommendations, and any other accompanying documents. I will then review it with you. I understand that the diagnosis and ARD process can be intimidating. I will help simplify it for you.
My goal is for you to fully understand all documents pertaining to your child.

ARD Preparation

Expert Guidance

An in-depth preparation for you as the guardian to prepare you for your child's ARD meeting. I will help you draft a list of questions regarding goals, schedule of services, related services, and other outside entities that may need to be involved.
We will also go over possible scenarios and outcomes.
My goal is for you to feel confident and prepared when walking into your child's ARD.


Your Voice

I will represent you in the ARD meeting as an advocate for your child. I will be there to answer your questions and speak on your behalf. My job as your liaison is to ensure the best for your child in their educational setting.
My goal is a positive outcome and experience for your family.


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Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact me today and I will help how I can!

  My sister Jackie in 2022


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